Interplay of Human Rights and Development: The Implementation and Guarantee of Development after the Victory of the World War II

Poverty is an outcome the ‘deprivation of liberty to earn, own and use resources; obliteration of the freedom to contract and right to ‘identity-the autonomy’ of individual. Human rights campaign for people would have no meaning at all if does not ‘emphasize the need of ‘Right’ to have rights’.

Amina was born deaf, and grew as dumb girl. Her father was killed in Malaysia war, a communist insurgency in which her father served as a ‘soldier for British Army’. She grew up in poverty and had no opportunity to be educated. She was 17 year old when one her cousins raped. She became pregnant but kept hiding. Her mother was afraid of making the issue public as she would be put on wrath of offender’s family subsequently. The pregnancy was kept unnoticed and the infant was killed after secret birth. The dead infant was unearthed by stray dogs and enquiries began and Amina was exposed. The hell in life thus began. She was arrested along with her mother. She was found guilty of killing her infant baby. Finally she died of tuberculosis in the prison. When the information of her death reached to the village, most people felt relieved as she now should not face trouble of life. Death is decent than poverty.

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