Professional Relationship between Crime Investigators and Prosecutors in the Human Trafficking Crimes

The paper delves into some major problems encountered by the criminal justice system of Nepal with regard to the crime of trafficking and protection of victims. An attempt has been made to ponder into notional or theoretical basis of problems as well the procedures being applied in investigation, prosecution and trials of the trafficking offences. The major focus of the article lies on the need of coordination between the investigator and the prosecutor. The paper reflects on some notional misconceptions of actors which are significantly contributing to the `continuity of the failed state of the prosecution' in the trafficking cases. It is an undeniable fact that Nepal's criminal justice system is largely a `relic' of the past. The new principles adopted in the changed context after 1950 are largely reduced to `non productive' due to these looming misconceptions of actors. In this light, the paper has made some general efforts to `relate the ground reality of Nepal prevailing criminal justice system with the demands of a modern criminal justice system's principles. The issues of trafficking crime are seen in these perspectives.

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