Distinctive Curriculum: Considering Teaching Law and Justice from Contextual Innovation and Students and Consumers of Justice Oriented Pedagogy

Education on law and justice, generally across South South and particularly in Nepal, has not yet been able to receive required attention of the society as well as the government.Even universities are oblivion of the importance of modernizing and enhancing the standard of legal and justice education. Frankly speaking, the concept of justice education is largely absent. What the universities of Nepal are habitually indulged in teaching under rubric legal education 'is the skills of interpreting statues and indoctrinating prospective laws in conventional common principles and practices.  Candidly speaking, the system of legal and justice education is still acutely suffering from subdued attitude of the government, universities and larger community of legal professionals. The investment in and planning of legal and justice education remains obviously neglected state, which has consequently been hindering in its standard and trustworthiness. The attraction of bright and promising students to the legal education is seriously affected, thereby forcing an overridingly larger number of brilliant students to seek opportunity in European and American universities. The impact of this undesirable state of affairs is detrimental in smooth development and modernization of education of law and justice in Nepal.



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