The Scope of Informal Justice Mechanisms in ‘Criminal Justice System’: Critical Observations on Principles, Theories and Prospects

Criminal justice, a system of justice conventionally concerned with safeguarding the society by punishing the offenders, is a time enduring notion that is widely portrayed in the historical accounts, ballads and the works of great philosophers as a tool that state employs to quell the dissidents or recalcitrant citizens and suppress their wrongs by defining their activities as crimes. Such measures are generally perceived as coercive by the society at large1.


The belief that violence to be inflicted by a State should be proportional to the acts of offenders is a common characteristic of criminal justice system irrespective of diversity in the religious and moral beliefs and socio-political structures.2 In all societies, irrespective of the diversity of religious and moral beliefs and socio-political structures, the State’s role and indulgence in criminal justice system is characterized by ‘infliction of proportional violence for acts of offenders’.


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