The Darjeeling Issue

People of Darjeeling should be positively heard by the authorities of India. We have seen double standards in Indian Government dealing with he rights movement of People. While Indian Government is consistently pressing the Government of Nepal, against Art.51 of the Indian Constitution, to recognize the demands of some political parties based on Tarai, which includes an non-genuine demand that Nepal make Hindi as a official language, on the other hand it has been using military against common civil movement of the people of Nepalese origin for the protection of their mother tongue, the Nepali language.

Nepal has never voiced its concern towards treatment of the Nepalese-originated population of India, as Nepal government and the people of Nepal understand that it is an matter of internal affairs of the Republic of India. While we expect the same from the Government of India towards Nepal, we the Nepalese people do recognize that Indian population of the Nepalese origin has human right to protect their culture, language and self-governance.

According to the international law, the use of force must be proportionate. The demonstration of the people in Darjeeling is typically peaceful, as women are distributing foods even to military personnel. Non-violent demonstration cannot be dealt by use of force, and to do so becomes an excessive use of force. The people are even not using traditional sticks and even not pelting stones. The movement is absolutely different to what we have seen repeatedly in Tarai of Nepal. Let the issue be dealt with peacefully towards happiness of the people of Darjeeling.