Nanking Massacre, cruel and in human atrocities

Nanking Massacre, cruel and inhuman atrocities, against human kind represents a scary remnant of history. Thousands of people were killed indiscriminately by the Japanese military. In 1937, Japan invaded Nanking with all kinds of brutality and gruesome atrocities. Rape, murder, arson and looting took place that painted human history with an unprecedented human ravage. 
Nanking submerged into smoke of bombs and within this smoke Japanese soldiers chopped infants, gunned down their parents and raped girls and women. In history of civilization, only few such instances have happened. 
The pain is unforgettable for Chinese as well as peace-loving people of the world. The scare of inhumanity is remembered in December of every year, which causes to cry. 
We must condemn such cruelties, brutalities and atrocities. Let us hope no such massacres will repeat again. I express solidarity with Chinese People to deplore what the Japanese atrocities in Nanking in 1937.